Sabtu, 03 Maret 2012

Google Books Downloader 1.6

cara mendownload menyimpan buku di google book
Ketemu sama saya lagi nih gan. kali ini saya akan share sebuah software yang berguna untuk mendownload google books. Google books downloader yang saya share ini masih anget gan. baru rilis versi terbarunya beberapa jam yang lalu 

Langsung saja, namanya adalah google books downloader yang bisa mendownload buku di google books

You may have taken advantage of Google Books to purchase and download any of millions of ebooks, and while the service is undeniably useful, you have no doubt noticed that the books are provided in a particular format and there is nothing you can do about that. Or at least that was the case until the arrival of Google Books Downloader which, as the name suggests, makes it possible to download titles from Google Books and save them in the format of your choice.

The application is available for both Windows and Mac and it could hardly be simpler to use. The basic interface merely requires you to enter the URL of the book you are interested in before configuring a small number of basic options. You can choose the folder to which files should be downloaded as well as choosing the format in which they should be saved.

You have the choice of the popular PDF format, as well as PNG and JPEG image formats, and this enables you to tailor your downloads for different needs. You can also choose the resolution at which files should be saved and this enables you to strike a balance between image quality and the size of files – this can be important if you are transferring books to a device that has a limited amount of space available.

The actual process of downloading and saving books is fairly quick, although this is obviously influenced not only by the speed of your internet connection, but also the size of the books you are working with. The results are perfectly acceptable and free you up to use books in whatever way you want.


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